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Hi MOM!Matt, Zed Salt, and Tina

Thrumble formed in August of 2002 when a chance meeting on the internet introduced

them. The trio is comprised of Matt and Tina Pare, and Zed Salt.

Matt and Tina have been in several bands together over the past 8 years,

including Nueva Gorda and Slinky. They still put out tunes as plankton.

Zed was languishing as an occasional producer, scorer of the odd independent film,

and studio hermit.

Each of the three plays a variety of instruments and the instrumentation is always

a game of musical chairs.

~January 4, 2003~

~~~~NEWS FLASH~~~~

Due to the members of Thrumble not being able to agree on what reality is, Zed Salt will no longer be playing with Matt and Tina of plankton. Please check out plankton at IUMA for news and updates about plankton! Although this band is no more, it still serves as a testimony to the abilities of all three members and, hey... it's still good music, so enjoy!

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