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None of these are optimized or anything. If you find one you like I will make it over the right way. If you don't like any of these or just want to see some more options I'll whip up a few more. Gotta start somewhere ;]

Any preferences as to colors would be helpful as well. I noticed you own your URL. If you do decide to let me make a site for you I can either mail you a floppy with all the goods or you could change your password where ever you are hosted while I upload (preferably via ftp, if your host allows) and then you could change it back or whatever. Doesn't matter to me. If I mail you the floppy then you already have it backed up. I'm guessing you have access to your current site so you can update stuff and all that so you probably won't need any help when you want to put up a new show date, eh? Whatever you need just let me know with this handy e-mail link!


3 the Hard Way



Discount Inferno


Medication Needed